Hannah's birthdayIt was so good seeing these two girls again. The last time we saw each other was a few months ago. We’ve been busy. I’ve missed them so much!

Best friends are people you know you don’t need to talk to every single day. You don’t even need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it’s like you never stopped talking.


Best. Concert. Ever.


So last night was the Linkin Park concert in The Mall Of Asia Arena. Best concert experience ever! Epic night. Awesome show. It was amazing! Truly the most technically advanced set in the Philippine concert history. I am more than happy to be there last night.  They’ve sang 22 songs with one ballad medley (my favorite!). We were all screaming our lungs out, singing along with this band we really love. Amazing feeling.


The people in the Gold Standing were very lucky.

LP00055That was Mike Shinoda. He went to the crowd. Wished I was in that area. This was in the “I’ve put my trust in you.” part of In The End.LP00057

And this was Chester in the crowd. The song this time was One Step Closer. 

I really hope they will come back soon. And I wish by that time, I can afford the Standing tickets. Like those pictures above. Hihi.  My throat kinda hurts now, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. :)

To You, From Me

I didn’t know this is possible.

I didn’t know this could happen.

Talking to you again seemed impossible.

Memories of you in my head sharpen.


I admit it actually felt awkward

to see you in that kind of way.

And yes, it was really hard.

I really don’t know what to say.


For a few minutes, they left us alone.

I wish there’s something I could say,

but the only thing I did was stare at my phone.

I didn’t even say “Hey!”.


I felt kinda weird after that night.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Memories flashed back in my mind.

Is it possible that I still feel for you?


I wonder if you felt the same.

I wonder if you thought of me.

‘Cause even before all the fame,

I was your baby.


Many questions fill my head.

I can guess the answers

Yet you can tell me instead.

I want them, I swear.


What would happen next?

I want to talk to you.

Keep in touch, even in text,

’cause it seems I missed you.

He had me at “I’m a Harry Potter fan, too!”

There’s this friend of mine that I’ve been crushing on for years now. We were grade school classmates. He transferred to another school in high school. We went to the same university for college.

Anyway, he’s also a Potterhead. When we were in grade school, we always talked about Harry Potter non-stop. We even watched Chamber of Secrets together! Well, not really. He was with his family, I was with mine. Though we were at the same cinema at the same time. The next day, he told me he saw me. They were standing, though. There were so many people. (What do you expect from Harry Potter?) We were in 5th grade then.

Summer before high school, he tried courting me. Well, court is a strong word since we were only twelve then. (What was he thinking, right?) He even asked me to go see Prisoner of Azkaban movie with him. Of course, I declined. I was so young. What do I know about going out with someone? Haha.

Of all my friends, he’s the only one I can really talk about with anything and everything. We can go months without talking but when we see each other again, it’s like we were never apart. And Harry Potter is always part of our conversation — anything HP related. It’s like Harry Potter has become our glue.

When I realized I really like him, he already has a girlfriend. They’ve been together since college so I don’t know what’s the point of this post. Haha! Though I was hoping, whenever he thinks about Harry Potter, he remembers me, too. :)

Linkin Park Live In Manila 2013

LP Tickets

Got our tickets yesterday and I am so excited! Linkin Park is my most favorite rock band ever! This will be their second time here in the Philippines. The first was in 2004. I didn’t get the chance to watch them before because I was so young then. Too bad that tour was for my favorite album, Meteora. But that’s okay. Here’s my chance. I can’t wait to see them on August 13!!! :)))

Thank you Scala Events and Manila Concert Scene for bringing Linkin Park back in Manila! We, the fans, owe you! :)


How about you guys? Are you watching too? Have you got your tickets? :D


The second picture was from the Facebook page of Scala Events.

Because of One Tree Hill, I miss high school.

I’ve watched One Tree Hill Season 9 the whole day. I have mixed emotions about it. I felt happy and sad at the same time. The characters have grown on me, you know. My favorite character is Brooke Davis. She’s strong and beautiful. She’s had her fair share of heartbreaks but eventually, she found her true love. Too bad it wasn’t Lucas Scott. I totally love them together.

3x09_Guy For You

I love that scene. That’s when they got together for real. But not for long. They remain as friends, though. Peyton was really Lucas’ true love. And Julian was Brooke’s.

I also love Nathan and Haley. I want a love like them. They’ve been through a lot, but they still chose to be with each other. They’re so cool together. They love each other so much. And here I am wondering where my Nathan is? Hihi. 


But I was kinda disappointed that Lucas and Peyton didn’t come back for the final season. I thought after being away for seasons 7 and 8, they’d be there in 9. I mean, the show was all about Lucas and Nathan and the people around them, right?

I’ve learned so many things from this show — about life, love, relationships and friendships. Here are some of nice thoughts and advice from this show:

2x11_Who you are



What you do with your life is your choice. You don’t owe other people anything.

3x11_Be With Somebody

If you love someone, you have to be with them. No questions asked.

The ones posted above are just some of the many beautiful thoughts from this show.

And because it’s the last season, the characters were reminiscing. I miss my high school barkada because of that. I don’t see them much nowadays, and that made me sad. We used to see each other every day.


3x15_Lost Touch

I guess I miss the feeling that they’re always there. I mean, I know they’re always there. But it’s not the same. We’re getting old, and we have some things to focus on like work and studies. Some of us were working already while some are still studying. But when your friends work already, they get so busy, right? Not like when we were all still in school. And we all had new friends. But as they say, “Make new friends, but keep the old.” I really miss them. But it’s not too late to fix it.


And Keith said that,

2x12_Gonna Be Okay