On Movies And Life

If you ask me, we go to the movies because we want to see fairy tales. A sleeping queen woken by her true love’s kiss. A princess who puts aside her jewels to make her way in the world. Lovers torn apart being brought back together. But life isn’t a fairy tale. And happy endings are few and far between. In life, the young queen becomes a tyrant and takes her subjects to war. So that’s why we need movies. To remind us that, despite it all, love can still spring in the most unlikely of places. And that sometimes, even fairy tales can come true.

– Gossip Girl


2 responses to “On Movies And Life

  1. I love romantic, movies such as you described trouble is my husband doesn’t think they are worth watching unless something is blown up.

    • Most men really didn’t want to watch romantic movies. Though I have a guy friend who knows more chick flicks than I do. He loves watching them. :D

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