Best. Concert. Ever.


So last night was the Linkin Park concert in The Mall Of Asia Arena. Best concert experience ever! Epic night. Awesome show. It was amazing! Truly the most technically advanced set in the Philippine concert history. I am more than happy to be there last night.  They’ve sang 22 songs with one ballad medley (my favorite!). We were all screaming our lungs out, singing along with this band we really love. Amazing feeling.


The people in the Gold Standing were very lucky.

LP00055That was Mike Shinoda. He went to the crowd. Wished I was in that area. This was in the “I’ve put my trust in you.” part of In The End.LP00057

And this was Chester in the crowd. The song this time was One Step Closer. 

I really hope they will come back soon. And I wish by that time, I can afford the Standing tickets. Like those pictures above. Hihi.  My throat kinda hurts now, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter. :)


11 responses to “Best. Concert. Ever.

    • Me too! In the encore, some fans held up signs that says “Come Back Soon”. LP acknowledged it and said they would try to come back soon. I hope it would happen. Thanks for reading! :)

  1. wowi wish i was here!!! :'( looks like they sang all the best from Hybrid Theory. i just missed an opportunity of a lifetime!!!

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