He had me at “I’m a Harry Potter fan, too!”

There’s this friend of mine that I’ve been crushing on for years now. We were grade school classmates. He transferred to another school in high school. We went to the same university for college.

Anyway, he’s also a Potterhead. When we were in grade school, we always talked about Harry Potter non-stop. We even watched Chamber of Secrets together! Well, not really. He was with his family, I was with mine. Though we were at the same cinema at the same time. The next day, he told me he saw me. They were standing, though. There were so many people. (What do you expect from Harry Potter?) We were in 5th grade then.

Summer before high school, he tried courting me. Well, court is a strong word since we were only twelve then. (What was he thinking, right?) He even asked me to go see Prisoner of Azkaban movie with him. Of course, I declined. I was so young. What do I know about going out with someone? Haha.

Of all my friends, he’s the only one I can really talk about with anything and everything. We can go months without talking but when we see each other again, it’s like we were never apart. And Harry Potter is always part of our conversation — anything HP related. It’s like Harry Potter has become our glue.

When I realized I really like him, he already has a girlfriend. They’ve been together since college so I don’t know what’s the point of this post. Haha! Though I was hoping, whenever he thinks about Harry Potter, he remembers me, too. :)


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