Linkin Park Live In Manila 2013

LP Tickets

Got our tickets yesterday and I am so excited! Linkin Park is my most favorite rock band ever! This will be their second time here in the Philippines. The first was in 2004. I didn’t get the chance to watch them before because I was so young then. Too bad that tour was for my favorite album, Meteora. But that’s okay. Here’s my chance. I can’t wait to see them on August 13!!! :)))

Thank you Scala Events and Manila Concert Scene for bringing Linkin Park back in Manila! We, the fans, owe you! :)


How about you guys? Are you watching too? Have you got your tickets? :D


The second picture was from the Facebook page of Scala Events.


5 responses to “Linkin Park Live In Manila 2013

    • They said they would play their greatest hits, so In The End, Numb, One Step Closer, Somewhere I Belong, Papercut, etc. And I saw their setlist for SSMF, I think the songs would be more or less the same. See you there! :)

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