The Return Of The Kings

Finally! My favorite basketball team ever returns to the Finals.

I have always believed in them. Even when the team was losing, I still finish watching the game. I still continue to support. Whenever they lose, I always tell myself this: Hindi “Never Say Die” kung ‘di natatalo. I get sad whenever the team lose, that’s given, but I never stopped supporting team. Some of my friends say “Wala na ‘yang Ginebra mo. Mahina na ‘yan.”, but Ginebra has always been the best for me.

I love going to school whenever Ginebra won the previous night. I always brag about the win. Hahaha! One of the best feelings is whenever someone congratulates me because my favorite team won. :””> So imagine my happiness when the team once again displayed the Never Say Die attitude and made it to the finals. It made me really happy when JayJay played well again. I have missed The Fast & The Furious tandem.

Maybe this will be our year. We are three wins away from the championship crown. We can do this. NEVER SAY DIE!

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