Saturday in bullets

  • Went to UE to meet up with Feasib group mates.
  • Went to Makati.
  • Went back to school.
  • Went to Megamall with Michelle, Trina and Lisette to look for clothes for the Feasib defense.
  • They said our clothes should be the same. And because we’re girls, we have different opinions. I want to wear skirt, blouse and coat while they suggested we wear dress and coat. We looked in different stores yet we can’t agree what to wear.
  • We decided to eat first. Pizza, pasta,chicken and rice. YUM!
  • We looked for clothes. AGAIN.
  • Saw a great pair of top and skirt in ForMe that we all love. Finally!
  • We bought coats first. When we got back to buy the pair, we found out that the size that Trina and I need was out of stock. It’s a good thing the sales lady was very nice. She called some ForMe branches to ask if they have what we’re looking for. And SM Fairview branch has it. Yay! :))
  • Went home.

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