You And I Both

Ngayon ko lang narealize na bagay sa’min ni A ‘yung You And I Both ni Jason Mraz. The song is about the brighter side of a break up. In the song, the couple were perfect together and they had the love that others only dream and read of. But for some reasons, the relationship didn’t make it.

I love the lines “And it’s okay if you have to go awayOh just remember the telephones, well, they’re working in both ways. And if I never ever hear them ring,(It’s like saying that both of them can make an effort to get back together. Like if he didn’t call me then he doesn’t want me back. Right?) and “I’ll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else and that’s okay ’cause I’ll remember everything you sang.” (This is like if he doesn’t want me back, then I’ll assume that maybe he already found someone else but that’s okay because what we had was beautiful and unforgettable. No hard feelings.)

Wala lang. Parang ganyan kasi kami. Ang daming nagsasabi na we were perfect for each other. Na sayang kasi nagbreak kami. Naalala ko nung nakakwentuhan ko ‘yung schoolmate ko dati. Sabi niya, “Ate, bakit ba kayo nagbreak ni kuya A? Sayang naman. Kayo pa naman ‘yung idol naming pagmamahalan.” Natawa na lang ako after niya sabihin ‘yan. HAHA.


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